Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Googlife – The good life

I am a 24 year old Software Engineer working in the Silicon Valley. Lately, I have realized how my life has gradually started revolving around Google and how soon I have become a Google aficionado.

My day starts in the morning when I check my Gmail (even before trying to brush my teeth) to see all the emails that came in late night or from the other side of the world, overnight. I also get my daily agenda emailed to me by Google Calendar to remind me of the tasks for the day (not to mention the reminder SMSes I receive from Google off and on during the day for meetings or discussions at work).

Its now more of a habit to log onto my personalized Google News page to check whats happening around the world, everyday. (With ofcourse those puzzles I like to solve, delivered everyday on my desktop by Google feeds!)
As the day goes on, Google (well, the search engine itself) comes handy a lot of times whether it is something to do with my code or getting some general information about the technology that I am working on. Google Notebook is the all-time solution for writing down all those small things I need to remember (not to mention the anywhere-access which makes it as great as it is)

When I am back home, I am either busy reading technology blogs (through Google Reader) or sometimes busy finding my 10 year old friends on Google Orkut.

(No, I don’t use Google Wi-fi because I am in Sunnyvale and not Mountain View)

When it’s evening time, my cousins and friends are usually online on Google Talk. We have a good time text/voice chatting for sometime while I am listening to online music (keeping myself updated about the latest from Google Music Trends) before it’s time for dinner and for me to find a new recipe on Google again (trying to make it look as close as possible to the pic on the website :-))

Apart from that, I have recently tried out the new Google Groups (Beta) to start a group for all my old school mates to interact with each other more often and presto! I am surprised by the response.

If I am not reading white papers on Information Integration (after picking them up from Google Scholar) you can definitely find me enjoying the interesting documentaries on Google Videos. Moreover, if there is any place I need to go to on weekends, Google Maps is incontestably the first choice for finding routes.

While I am occupied doing all this, Google Desktop is keeping a track of everything on my machine, so that if I want to search the text for the chat I had 2 years back with my friend debating on the feasibility of semantic web, I can retrieve it on a click of a button.

No wonder, while searching for my car keys in the morning, I wish I could ‘google’ them.

Update : Google is now a dictionary word! Check it out


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is impossible to be apathetic about Google when people can create amazing hacks like this. Not only does their motto "Do no evil" appeal to the masses, it's how they practically empower people to do creative things. As far as I'm concerned, Google will continue to be the future for a long, long time.

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