Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Some other ways to search..

Ms Dewey – A search engine that talks to you! Ms Dewey comments on every search you make on this website. Sometime she is funny and witty too (with a sarcastic tinge in some of her jokes). Not a very good search but try out a few keywords and listen to what she has to say.

Chacha – Chacha is a search engine where the results are given by humans. So for all your searches, you can use a guide who’ll find the best possible matches for your search and return them to you. But if somebody else has already searched the same keyword earlier, it will return you the matches instantaneously. In the bigger picture, the idea is to make every search a human-directed search (instead of a bot-directed one). Considering the increasing scale and dynamism of the web and ofcourse possibility of human errors, feasibility is definitely questionable.


Anonymous Stéphanie said...

Hi there,

Thanks for stopping by on my blog. It looks like you are starting out with your own blog so good luck to you. You are already doing well.


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